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Fan Cakes Baking Pan—Chicago Cubs

This innovative pan allows you to bake a cake in the shape of your favorite team's hat.

This innovative pan is made from sillicone plastic that allows you to bake a cake in the shape of your favorite team’s hat.

Because it is sillicone you can also it as a:
  • Gelatin Mold
  • Ice Sculpture Mold
  • Concrete Mold
For Cakes, grease and flour the ProPan. In a conventional oven a cake can bake up to 375 degrees using mix or recipe instructions. In a microwave you heat on high for 6 minutes, rotating every 2 minutes, cool the cake for 5 minutes, and then cool further after removing the cake and placing it on a rack. Each pan comes with a color chart to mix food coloring into vanilla frosting, so you get the perfect team colors for your cake! Hand wash pan in sudsy warm water, using a soft brush to clean up.

For Gelantins, just follow package directions, let it chill, and then remove the pan from your gelantin sculpture.

For Ice sculptures, grease the ProPan, and just freeze water in the pan. After it is frozen, remove the pan from around the ice sculpture.

For concrete pavers, just pour the concrete into the mold, and let it harden. Depending on the concrete mix, the care used in removal, and the intricacies of the design, it is possible that the ProPan becomes a one time usage for this application. It is not recommended to use the ProPan for food after it is used as a concrete mold.

Dimensions: 13.00"L x 15.00"W x 2.00"H

Weight: 1.00 lb.
Fan Cakes Baking Pan Chicago Cubs
Fan Cakes Baking Pan Chicago Cubs

Fan Cakes Baking Pan—Chicago Cubs


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