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F-111A/B Aardvark Airplane Model

One of your favorite miniature planes!

The F-111 is a twin-engine swing-wing aircraft that can take-off and land at relatively low speeds with the wings swept forward and can fly close to the ground at supersonic speeds.

The General Dynamics F-111 is an American medium-range strategic bomber, reconnaissance and tactical strike aircraft designed in the 1960s. On July 27, 1996, the F-111 was officially named as Aardvark. The F-111 was affectionately called the "Pig". The F-111A was the initial production version of the F-111. It incorporates TF30-P-3 engines with 12,000 lb.f dry and afterburning thrust and "Triple Plow I" variable intakes. There's a 158 total production of the F-111A, including 17 preproduction aircraft that were later brought up to production standards. In 1977, the remaining F-111As were transferred to the 366 TFW based at Mountain Home AFB, equipping the 389th, 390th and 391st TFS. There were four F-111As converted to F-111C standard and provided to Australia as attrition replacements. Some of the F-111As delivered to the Royal Australian Air Force were Vietnam veterans.

In USAF service, the F-111 was replaced by the F-15E Strike Eagle for medium-range precision strike missions. In 2010, the Royal Australian Air Force will replace its F-111s with 24 F/A-18F Super Hornets.

Dimensions: 18.5"L x 19"W x 7"H
F 111A B Aardvark Airplane Model
F 111A B Aardvark Airplane Model

F-111A/B Aardvark Airplane Model


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