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100% silk sheet liner is ideal for frequent travelers.

Travelers! Put a layer between your skin and the hotel sheets, and sleep on soft, clean 100% silk--wherever you go. The Dreamsack folds up small in its own carry bag, and fits neatly in a purse, briefcase or carry-on. It unfolds at night to serve as a clean, comfortable sleeping surface. Just place the Dreamsack between the hotel sheets, and slide the hotel pillow into the pillow pocket.

Now when you slide into bed, your skin will touch nothing but your own clean and luxurious Dreamsack.
100% silk is an ultra-light extra layer that adds warmth when it's cold and feels cool and soothing when it's warm. Dreamsack is roomy and has a wide side opening that lets you slide in easily. 42" w x 7'9" l.

Say goodbye to those hotel sheets, and sleep on clean, soft silk wherever you go! Order a Dreamsack from Brookstone today.



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