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Traditional double six domino set in a handsome mahogany case.

Double Six Dominoes

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This set of Double Six Dominoes from Jaques is presented in an attractive mahogany wooden case with brass furniture.
Double six Dominoes are the small tiles traditionally carved from bone or ivory and featuring small round dots (or "pips") of inset ivory that collectively make up a domino set. The oldest known double six domino sets date back to c.1120 A.D. in China, and it is thought that they were introduced to China from India before that. It wasn't until the 18th Century, however, that double six dominoes appeared in Europe where, over time, the game was adapted into the form that we know today.

Standard double six domino sets today include 28 pieces, each of which consists of a line dividing it into two squares and a number of pips in each square end. Double six sets have ends ranging from zero to six pips. The tiles are rather generic gaming devices, like playing cards. Many different games can be played with a set of dominoes.

Case size: 11"L x 11"W x 0.625"H
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