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Exotic lychee makes delicious cocktails – your lychee tree is on its way!

Culinary Edible Patio Plant Lychee Tree

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Lychee is high in vitamin C and minerals – it’s all the rage as a super food.

It has an ancient history in China as a nutritional source and also as a symbol of love. An inedible skin is easily removed to expose a sweet translucent white flesh.

The delicate flavor is lost in canning, so it must be eaten fresh. But it’s a rarity to find the fresh fruit in stores due to the short shelf life. This easy to grow fruit has also become popular among mixologists as an exotic cocktail ingredient. Create your own cocktails with fresh berries picked from your tree.

Please Note: Because it is not safe to ship tropical plants in temperatures lower then 45° F, these plants will only ship on time if the temperature is 45° F or higher in their shipping corridor.
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