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Rolling composter that makes composting easy and fun.

CompoSpin Home Composter

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Composter has hit the 21st Century with the amazing CompoSpin.
The CompoSpin Composter is like a ball - simply roll it to where you need it and have fun while you work! Not only is this invention simple and easy-to-use for the whole family, its scientific features makes compost faster than most other options.

Use rich black organic compost to feed your vegetables and flowers. Compost needs a few key ingredients besides your garden waste and organic kitchen scraps. Yes, it needs those greens to get things started, then natural heat to speed things up, air to sustain the process, and mixing to keep things active. All of that has never been easier than now.

Simply open the twist lock top and add your greens, let the natural microbes start brewing and creating their own internal heat while the many air tubes continuously feed those microbes. Then once it's turned into rich dark organic compost, just roll it to the exact location you want and feed your vegetables, flowers and shrubs. Or just keep this composter in one place using the ball bearing ring base to spin your mixture.

The marvelous composting system is the easiest way to collect and create rich organic compost for your gardens.
With this product, we can all step up to help the environment by reducing the need for chemical fertilizers, reduce landfills, and improve our own lifestyle by enriching our plants and vegetables with healthy organic soil.

The CompoSpin Composter features include:
  • A 50 gallon capacity with a wide lid, which allow you to add your greens easily during each use.
  • Double wall construction and insulate mixture for excellent heat retention and faster breakdown.
  • Unique air tubes that provide a constant supply of air.

This design makes the composting process easy and fun as compost is mixed. The base with 8 ball bearings makes spinning, mixing and tumbling easy. Quick and simple assembly takes just 30 minutes or less. Provides protection against animals and pests. Made of 100 percent recycled plastics for environmental sensitivity.

Dimensions: 28" L x 28" W x 28" H
Weight: 28 lbs.
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