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Cold Soluble Gelatin Refill Sachets

Don't let yourself run out, grab some refills!

This cold soluble gelatin has the same textural properties and melt-in-the mouth effect that traditional gelatin has.

Gelatin has many uses. For example, it has been used as an emulsifier since the beginning of photography. The photographic film is indeed covered with a thin layer of silver halide crystals kept in suspension through gelatin. When the film is exposed to light, silver halide undergoes a chemical transformation and prints a latent image on the film that will be revealed during development. Pharmaceutical capsules are also made of gelatin. Gelatin is also found in low-fat margarine and is used as a stabilizer in stirred yogurt containing fruit, some cheeses, and thickened cream. Moreover, it adds viscosity to dehydrated soups. Finally, it is used to clarify fruit juices and bind wines, because gelatin reacts with tannins to form a precipitate.

Includes one box of 10 sachets / net 40g.

Dimensions: 2.70" L x 2.70" W x 2.70" H
Cold Soluble Gelatin Refill Sachets
Cold Soluble Gelatin Refill Sachets

Cold Soluble Gelatin Refill Sachets


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