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Entertain guests with a round of croquet in the living room!

Chelsea 4 Player Indoor Miniature Croquet Set

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A lovely, scaled-down wooden boxed croquet set specially designed for after-dinner play on the living room carpet or tabletop.
For many, the name of Jaques is synonymous with croquet. Though the game had existed in some form or another for many years, it was John Jaques II who introduced the game at the Great Exhibition in 1851 and brought the game the attention it deserved. The game's popularity proved infectious, and it became hugely popular throughout the British Empire in a matter of years. Indeed, it was said that, "Nothing but tobacco smoke has ever spread so rapidly."

For his display at the Exhibition, John Jaques II won a gold medal and cemented Jaques of London's place in sporting history. JJ II was widely regarded as the foremost authority on the game, and in 1864 published "Croquet; the Laws and Regulations of the Game", by which (with some revisions) the game is still played today. Nowadays there are croquet clubs all over the world, with many millions of casual players. A sport that can be played by man or woman, young and old, it is with some pride that Jaques of London can say they are still producing the highest quality croquet sets 160 years on from John Jaques II's first presentation.

Our Chelsea Indoor Croquet set brings this marvelous game indoors. Natural wooden mallets, colored wooden balls, together with brass-weighted self-standing hoops and winning post, make this lovely set housed in a miniature version of Jaques' traditional style wooden box the perfect indoor croquet set to get out after dinner and play with your guests. It lends itself well to most of the normal shots and rules of croquet. Ideal for play with the whole family. The mallets are 11" (28cm) long.

Box size: 12.75" x 4.5" x 3.25"
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