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Dramatically improve your game with the "sweet spot" finder!

Check-Go® Pro Golf Ball Spinner

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Product Number: 634071p
Check-Go® Pro high-speed spinner quickly balances your golf ball and makes it easy to find and mark the "sweet spot." You'll save strokes, enjoy improved putting accuracy and greater distance off the tee, and truer rolls on the green. It's very easy to use, too--just place your ball inside and press the spin button. High-speed gyroscopic spinning action balances the ball, and the marking hole lets you draw a "sweet spot" line.

Like car tires, golf balls are inherently lopsided--and when you drive them, this imbalance works against you. Check-Go® Pro spin balances your ball, helping you boost your game. It locates each ball's unique sweet spot with scientific precision, and helps reduce the chances of hooks and slices. Golf balls roll more accurately, and are less likely to wobble. Best of all, using Check-Go® Pro is in accordance with USGA rules. A permanent marker pen and two AA batteries are included.

Make more putts. Hit straighter shots. Drive the ball longer. You can do it all more easily with Check Go® Pro. Order yours from Brookstone, and improve your golf game today!
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