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Cessna Model 182 Skylane Airplane Model

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The popular Cessna 182 began as a tricycle-undercarriage development of the Cessna 180. It appeared in 1956 as the 182, and the 182A of 1957 was known as the Skylane, changing only slightly at the 182B. With the 182C, the swept tail was introduced, and a third side cabin window was added. The E added the cut-down rear fuselage and wrap-around rear window.

The Cessna 182 is a four-seat, high performance, single-engine, light airplane. Introduced in 1956, the 182 has been produced in a number of variants.

The Skylane name was first introduced with the 182A development to denote an optional higher level of equipment. There were major changes introduced with the 182C, including a third window on each side of the cabin and a swept vertical tail. There are several improvements introduced over the 182's lifespan.

Cessna 182s were also built in Argentina, designated as A182s. In Reims Aviation in France, it was designated as F182s.

21,864 Cessna 182s were built through to 1985. 1825 Cessna 182 deliveries began in April 1997, and 332 were built by September 30, 1998.

Production ceased in 1985 but resumed in 1996 with the 1825.

Dimensions: 10.75"L x 6"W x 2.64"H
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