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Save big with our Certified Pre-Owned chairs!

Certified Pre-Owned Human Touch® Zero-Gravity Perfect Chair - Bonded Leather

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Product Number: 839590p
Brookstone® has a small number of Certified Pre-Owned Human Touch Perfect Chairs available for resale. Each Brookstone Refurbished Perfect Chair receives:
  • Inspection by factory-authorized massage chair specialists
  • Hand-cleaning and sanitizing before shipment
  • Full operation testing by a Brookstone chair expert
All chairs have been inspected by our Brookstone® Massage Chair Team. Many are new chairs from cancelled orders, or are nearly new with only minor cosmetic irregularities (no rips or tears). So you can enjoy a first-quality zero-gravity experience at significant savings. Each Certified Pre-Owned Perfect Chair is protected by a 90-day limited Brookstone warranty.

To view our current inventory of Perfect Chairs, select the drop-down menu to the right. Quantities are limited.
  • Choose from available pad colors
  • Choose from available manual or power-recline base models
  • Choose from different base finishes
Zero-Gravity in 3…2...1, we have lift off!
  • Disperses weight across entire body to ease pressure
  • Articulating headrest with neck and lumbar pillows
  • Hand-carved wooden base
  • Exclusive guide rail system for smooth recline
  • Allow up to 10 business days for delivery
  • 41"L x 31"W x 48"H, 80 lbs.
  • User weight limit: 285 lbs.
When we tried the Human Touch® Perfect Chair, we were amazed at how much better it made our backs feel.
Less pressure. Less tightness. The weight of our body was taken off our legs and evenly distributed. We felt relaxed from head to toe. We think you’ll agree, when a tired back feels relief, you start to feel relaxed all over.

What is “zero-gravity”?
Zero Gravity is a reclined, virtually weightless position similar to the position astronauts sit in during the ascent into space. This position disperses weight across the entire body–easing pressure on your lower half. This physician recommended seating position is optimal for muscle relaxation, and is designed to take pressure off of the chest so you can breathe more deeply. Plus, positioning the legs elevated over the heart also helps aid circulation from the legs.

Comfort is built into the chair.
More than just a recliner, this chair is designed for your comfort. The articulating headrest tilts to match the natural position of your head and neck. A neck-contoured comfort pillow provides extra support. Your back gets extra TLC with the self-inflating lumbar pillow. It supports the lower back and is designed to help alleviate tension. An ergonomically positioned recline control makes it easy to adjust the chair into your favorite position. Finished with an extra-wide leg rest, generously sized to provide plenty of room.

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