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reTrace Lite is a handheld GPS device which helps retrace your steps and keeps you from getting lost!

Celestron reTrace Lite - Handheld Electronic GPS

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Product Number: 761200p
Unlike complex GPS products, reTrace devices are simple and easy to use. Here are just a few examples of the many uses for the reTrace GPS locators:
- Finds your lost car in a parking lot or stadium
- Tells where you parked your car or bike when hiking or running
- Locates and directs you to your favorite camping spot
- Allows you to navigate to your favorite fishing spot at a river or lake
- Finds your hotel, restaurant or other building in unfamiliar locations
- Guides you back to the dock or pier when boating
- Reminds you of your favorite birding spot
- Always remembers the location of your favorite tree stand or duck blind
- Records that favorite meeting place for friends or family

Measurements: 3" L x 2" W x 1" H
Weight: 6 oz.
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