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Brainteaser Gold

Three unique puzzles provide a triple challenge!

This gift set has brainbending fun for both novice noodlers and puzzling pros!
The Brainteaser Gold 3 pack includes; Brainstring Original Retro, Planets, and CrossTeaser. These color coordinated challenges are sure to have you stretching, clicking, and spinning out of control!
Brainstring Original Retro is a beautifully updated version of the original Brainstring. This classic brainteaser is as challenging as it is elegant! Sort the pegs so there is a solid color on every side; then, untangle the strings to remove the knot in the middle. It’s "knot" so easy! Planets is rocket science in a puzzle. Line up the planets to create a solid color on every side! But don’t space out: a planet can only be rotated if it is properly aligned with its surrounding planets! Each ball must have at least one crater facing it in order to spin. Get a solid color on each side, and mission accomplished! A challenge that's out of this world. Don't get your wires crossed with CrossTeaser; this one is tricky! Rotate the color wheels by flipping them into an empty space. But watch out: moving a wheel horizontally on one side will move the same wheel vertically on the other side. Plan your moves carefully to get a solid color on each side and solve the puzzle! Brainstring Original Retro: Ages 7 and up. Planets: Ages 5 and up. CrossTeaser: Ages 5 and up. Materials: Plastic.

Dimensions: 10"L x 8"W x 6"H (Box); Weight: 0.5 lbs.
Brainteaser Gold
Brainteaser Gold

Brainteaser Gold


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