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Boeing 707-320 Airplane Model

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The Boeing 707 transport marks the real beginning of the revolutionary jet age in transportation. There were over 900 Boeing 707 commercial transports built. By 1980, the 707 was no longer in production as a commercial transport. Today, many people still consider the terms 707 and jet transport to be synonymous. Boeing developed the 707-320 Intercontinental series, which is a stretched version of the original 707 model with increased range, making it a true intercontinental jet.

Boeing 707-320 was a later version of the Boeing 707 series, which had larger wings, and more fuel capacity to operate as a true, transoceanic aircraft. It also had a large cargo door, making it a dual-purpose transport aircraft. Although the Boeing 707 was not the first commercial jetliner in service, it was the first to be commercially successful.

Dimensions: 18.5"L x 7"W x 5.06H
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