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Black Walnut Marble Solitaire Game

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Luxury American Black Walnut Solitaire Board Game
Solitaire or "Peg Solitaire" is a board game for one player involving movement of pegs on a board with holes. The standard board game fills the entire board with pegs except for the central hole. The objective of solitaire is, making valid moves, to empty the entire board except for a solitary peg in the central hole. You are only allowed to make legal "jumps" to play the game.

When was solitaire invented? The game was invented in the 17th Century, and is featured in several works of art from King Louis XIV, implying that the game was widely played and very much in fashion at the time. The first evidence of the game in England can be traced back to the court of Louis XIV, and the specific date of 1697.

This handmade luxury game from Jaques replaces ordinary pegs with thirty-two (32) fantastic laser crystal marbles. Each Jaques set comes complete with a hand-stitched Jaques embossed natural storage bag.

The 9" board comes with the letter J shown on the marbles. The 12" and 15" boards come with the word Jacques shown on the marbles.

Board size options: 9" x 9", 12" x 12", or 15" x 15"
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