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AirCare eliminates cigarette smoke, odor's in your home or office and improves the air quality by destroying bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and odors in the air and on surfaces.

BioZone Scientific AirCare Air Purifier for Home and Office

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Is the smell of lingering cigarette smoke, food or pet odors too much? Are odors from pets, food, or exhaust making it unpleasant for you or your guests in your home or office? Does your home or office have odor's from mold, or smell like the sweaty gym bag, shoes, or pets? We have the solution for you: AirCare PR-05, PR-10, and PR-20 by BioZone Scientific International- the world's leader in chemical-free air and surface purification.

Unlike scented perfumes or fragrance dispensers, AirCare does not merely mask odors- it eliminates unwanted odors at their source. Using BioZone Scientific’s patented technology, AirCare also targets and kills bacteria, viruses, mold, fumes and other airborne impurities. AirCare operates when and where you need it to improve the air around your home or office.

AirCare is environmentally-friendly and is completely chemical and battery-free. Easy to install and simple to maintain. Simply rests on any flat surface in any room plug it in and turn it on. Plugs into any standard 120/220V outlet wall adapter. Completely portable, quiet and economical, NOW you can bring clean air with you wherever you go.

Designed for small spaces with odor or smoke challenges or just wanting a cleaner environment. Advanced technology is proven in the lab and the field with thousands of satisfied customers. AirCare is the perfect gift for home owners or office use, and more. Batteries are required (2 AA batteries included).

Specification for each model (Sold Separately):
AirCare PR-05 - for small spaces less than 500 Sq. Feet
AirCare PR-10 - for spaces less than 1000 Sq. Feet.
AirCare PR-20 - for spaces less than 2000 Sq. Feet.

Materials: Electronics Components, UV Bulb, Plastic Housing

Dimensions: 10.63"L x 4"W x 8.75"H; 3 lbs.
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