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SAVE BioSense® Pillow Collection

Ultra-soft on the outside, contoured support on the inside.

$49.99 - $49.99

Whatever your sleep position, BioSense® Pillows relieve pressure and provide comfort.
  • For back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers, snorers
  • Hypoallergenic, ultra-soft and plush next to your skin
  • BioSense® Memory Foam core relieves pressure points
  • Ventilated design for cool comfort in any climate
  • Odor-neutralizing foam ingredients–green tea, seed oil, charcoal
  • Conforms to curves and contours for better sleep
The pillow reinvented: BioSense Memory Foam.
Finally, support where you need it! Our exclusive BioSense Memory Foam Core helps alleviate pressure so you enjoy a fantastic night’s sleep. It conforms to the exact contours of your body, responding to any changes in your sleep position–even “resetting” itself so you remain well supported and comfortable. Meanwhile, the hypoallergenic Better Than Down® microfiber cover pampers your skin with fluffy softness, and is machine washable.

Custom support for back sleepers.
Our uniquely shaped BioSense Neck Pillow delivers extra support to your head and neck while you’re in the back-sleeping position. The ventilated design also encourages cooling air flow, adapting to your body temperature in any climate.

Cradles head and neck for side sleepers.
Just right for side-sleepers, the BioSense Shoulder Pillow hugs your shoulder for extra support and helps keeps your head and neck in a natural, pressure-free position. So you enjoy better circulation, awaking rested and ready to start the day.

Classic comfort for all sleepers.
The Classic BioSense Pillow combines the feel of a traditional pillow with memory foam support for your head and neck in any sleep position. To stay fresh and clean night after night, the memory foam core is made with green tea, charcoal and seed oil for natural odor resistance.

Relieves pressure for stomach sleepers.
Our Slim-Profile BioSense Pillow lets your head lay flatter and more naturally when you’re on your stomach, while still pampering you with contoured support and a soft, plush surface against your face. The subtle arched contour on the ends fits against your neck for gentle support.

Clinically tested to help reduce snoring.
If you suffer from snoring, the clinically tested Anti-Snore BioSense Pillow features a built-in memory foam support system. It cradles head and neck to help keep your chin out and airway more open, reducing snoring while keeping your natural sleeping position–no straps, slings or sleeves needed.

A good night’s sleep is the ultimate gift. Give it to yourself or a loved one today, with the BioSense Pillow Collection from Brookstone.
BioSense  Pillow Collection

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BioSense Classic Memory Foam Pillow with Better Than Down  Cover

SAVE BioSense Classic Memory Foam Pillow with Better Than Down® Cover

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BioSense  Pillow Collection BioSense Classic Memory Foam Pillow with Better Than Down® Cover
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