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Rep after rep, Bionic gloves can help you get the workout results you want.

Bionic Gloves - Women's Half Finger Fitness Gloves

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Whether you power lift or just want to shape and tone, Bionic gloves provide a superior grip.
Crafted from Coolmax Lycra and breathable, digitized goatskin leather, Bionic gloves won't let the bar slip, and they keep your hands dry and in control.

Bionic gloves are the only fitness gloves designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon.
With scientifically placed padding on the thumb, fingers and palm to help prevent calluses and blisters, you can lift more weight comfortably. Additionally, their unique design features a form-fitting neoprene material for wrist support and pads that form a natural "V" to lock in the bar holding the weight.

Proper, regular exercise is serious business and Bionic gloves can go the distance.
They're comfortable, durable and absorbent. Best of all, they're washable.

Set your workout bar higher with a pair of Bionic gloves. Order yours today.
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