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Headzone Game 5.1: the ultimate surround sound gaming headset system.

beyerdynamic Headzone Game 5.1 Surround Sound with High-End Headset

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Headzone® Game is the ultimate surround headset system. Expanding the virtual gaming world beyond the monitor's boundaries, this unique system is an acoustical milestone compared to standard PC loudspeakers and cheap surround simulations. The intelligent base station features two digital inputs (optical and coaxial), automatically recognizes and decodes Dolby Digital, DTS, Pro Logic signals, and provides the player with a unique surround sound. Wearing the MMX 300 premium headset, you can hear aggressors approach and locate them precisely for a clear strategic advantage in the heat of the battle. The noise compensating condenser microphone transmits commands and voice clearly and precisely. Gaming Surround 5.1 headphone monitoring system includes control unit, MMX 300 headset and transport bag.

• Dimensions: 10"L x 13"W x 4"H
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