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B747-200 Northwest Airplane Model

One of your favorite miniature planes!

The 747 family is one of the most popular family of aircraft and was the first wide-body commercial airliner produced. The 747-200 variant incorporates more powerful engines, higher takeoff weights (MTOW) and range than the 747-100. There were several 747-200 versions produced.

Introduced in 1971, and further improved over successive years, the 747-200 has higher thrust and weight-lifting capability than the 747-100, allowing it to fly further. A sub-variant is unofficially called the 747-200M and is a "combi" aircraft that can carry both at the same time. Like the 100, many 200s have been given a new lease on life as freight aircraft.

There were a total of 393 747-200 versions built, when production ended in 1991. Currently, there are still many 747-200s still in operation, although most large carriers have retired the 747-200s from their fleets and were sold to smaller operators. Following the September 11th attacks, large carriers speeded up fleet retirement and some 747-200s were either scrapped or turned into freighters.

Dimensions: 14"L x 5"W x 2.64"H
B747 200 Northwest Airplane Model
B747 200 Northwest Airplane Model

B747-200 Northwest Airplane Model


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