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B737-900 Alaska Airplane Model

One of your favorite miniature planes!

B737-900 Boeing's Next Generation 737-800 and 737-900 are the largest members of the strong selling 737 family. Alaska Airlines launched the B737-900 in 1997 and accepted delivery in 2000. Because the -900 retains the same exit configuration of the -800, seating capacity is limited to 177 seats in two classes, or 189 in a single-class layout. The 737-900 also retains the MTOW and fuel capacity of the -800, trading range for payload.

The B737-900 is the newest addition and the largest variant of the Boeing 737 line and was introduced to meet the range and passenger capacity of the discontinued 757-200 and to directly compete with the Airbus A321. An additional pair of exit doors and a flat rear pressure bulkhead increase seating capacity to 180 passengers in a 2-class configuration or 215 passengers in a single-class layout. Additional fuel capacity and standard winglets improve range to that of other 737NG variants.

The first B737-900 was rolled out of the Renton, Washington factory on August 8, 2006 for its launch customer, Lion Air. Then on April 27, 2007, Boeing delivered the first B737-900 to Lion Air.

The B737-900 airplane features a special dual paint scheme that combines the Lion Air lion on the vertical stabilizer and the Boeing livery colors on the fuselage. Lion Air has ordered 100 737-900ERs to be delivered by 2013.

Dimensions: 16.75"L x 6"W x 6"H
B737 900 Alaska Airplane Model
B737 900 Alaska Airplane Model

B737-900 Alaska Airplane Model


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