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B & W Airplane Model

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The B & W Seaplane, also known as the Boeing Model 1, was the first Boeing product. It was named after the initials of its designers, William Boeing and Lieutenant Conrad Westervelt of the U.S. Navy. The first B&W, completed in June 1916, was made of wood, linen and wire. Similar to the Martin trainer that Boeing owned, the B & W had, among other improvements, better pontoons and a more powerful engine. The two B & W's built were offered to the U.S. Navy, but the Navy was not interested. They were sold to the New Zealand Flying School and became the company's first international sale. On June 25, 1919, the B & W set a New Zealand altitude record of 6,500 feet. The B & Ws were later used for express and airmail deliveries, making New Zealand's first official airmail flight on December 16, 1919.

The B & W Seaplane has a crew of two. It has a maximum speed of 75 mph and a range of 320 miles. It incorporates a Hall-Scott A-5 Straight-6 piston engine. The primary user of the B & W Seaplane is the New Zealand Flying School. There were a total of 2 B & W Seaplanes built.

Dimensions: 12.625"L x 8"W x 2.64"H
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