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ATR-42 American Eagle Airplane Model

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The ATR-42 is a twin-turboprop airliner manufactured by ATR.

The ATR-42's maiden flight was on August 16, 1984 and it received certification following in September 1985. As of January 2007, there were 390 ATR-42s delivered worldwide, following another 11 aircraft order. There are three major variants of the ATR-42 and an STC exists to convert all ATR-42 variants to all-cargo transport aircraft. Major operators of the ATR-42 are FedEx, UPS and DHL. The ATR-42 "Surveyor" is a maritime patrol version of the -500 and VIP transport and in-flight inspection versions of the -500 also exist.

The ATR-42 has a seating capacity of 44-50 passengers. It has a cruising speed speed of 556 km/h and a range of 2,965 km. It incorporates a Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127E engine. The rear door is used to avoid possible injuries from the blades of the spinning propellers and the vast majority of commercial aircraft are boarded from the front. The ATR-42 also doesn't have Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), but it has a propeller brake, allowing the turbine to run and provide air power to the aircraft without the propeller spinning. Thus it eliminates the need for added weight and expense of an APU. the engines are periodically switched during maintenance to ensure equal wear.

Dimensions: 19"L x 7"W x 4.62"H
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