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Interchangeable capsules let you scent your spaces the way you like.

AromaPod Fragrance Diffuser

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Long-lasting fragrances are completely customizable for any room in your house
  • Select the fragrance you prefer to fit a special occasion or your mood
  • Choose from two fragrance modes—gradual scent release for 5 hours, or intense scent release for 30 minutes
  • Reuse capsules several times, even days later until depleted—capsules last up to 60 hours
  • Fits every kind of space thanks to the versatile and elegant design
  • Includes fragrance diffuser and starter set of three 60-hour capsules (three included capsules are a mixed assortment of the 12 Italian Fragrances)
Every moment has its scent
AromaPod Electronic Fragrance Diffuser with interchangeable scented capsules provides an innovative, immediate and safe way to scent your spaces. Match every scent to a special occasion or to your mood, choosing the fragrance that represents you best. Play with scents and amaze your family and friends by sharing your personal fragrances.

One device, two functions
Switch AromaPod Fragrance Diffuser on by pressing one of two buttons to define perfume intensity. Choose the “Long Lasting” mode (left-hand button) for a constant and gradual scent release that shuts off automatically after 5 hours, or the “Intense” mode (right-hand button) for a strong scent that last 30 minutes.

Reusable up to 60 hours
You’re not finished with the capsules after one use. Once opened and used, you can put them back in their capsule tray, change the fragrance and use them again several times, even several days later, until the scent depletes. Each capsule lasts for up to 60 days.

Change the way you scent your spaces. Order your AromaPod Fragrance diffuser from Brookstone, today!
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