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Albatros D.V "Goring" Airplane Model

One of your favorite miniature planes!

The Albatros D.V was a fighter aircraft used by the Imperial German Air Service during World War I. The D.V was the final development of the Albatros D.I family, and the last Albatros fighter to see operational service.

The D.V entered service in May 1917 and, like the D.III before it, immediately began experiencing failures of the lower wing. It was even more prone to wing failures than the D.III, and offered very little improvement in performance, causing considerable dismay among frontline pilots.

In October 1917, production switched to the D.Va, which reverted to the D.III's aileron cable linkage to provide a more positive control response. In an effort to resolve continuing problems with the wing structure, the D.Va also featured a metal sleeve to strengthen the lower main spar, as well as a small brace connecting the interplane struts to the leading edge of the lower wing.

Dimensions: 14.5"L x 8"W x 4.18"H
Albatros D V   34 Goring  34  Airplane Model
Albatros D V   34 Goring  34  Airplane Model

Albatros D.V "Goring" Airplane Model


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