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Fight in flight—fires infrared “shots” at your enemy's copter.

Air Combat RC Helicopter with Realistic Flight Stick Controller

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Perform realistic battle tactics in air-to-air combat!
  • Flight Stick controller for more realistic flight maneuvers
  • Battle other Air Combat copters with advanced infrared laser technology
  • Controller vibration feedback and shooting sounds
  • Side counter lights illuminate when copters are hit—3 hits and the enemy copter spirals to the ground!
  • Unique frequencies—fly and battle with up to 8 pilots at once
  • 2 flight speeds (Slow and Fast) for beginners and intermediate pilots
  • Flies up, down, forward and backward, banks left and right, and hovers
  • Built-in gyroscope for extra stable flight
  • Ages 12 up
More realistic flying for the ultimate aerial battles!
Stabilization chip for smooth flights and a flight joystick makes flying a more realistic than ever. Advanced technology gives you more real-flight maneuvers and battle action. Using infrared laser technology, the copter “shoots” other Combat Copters! Side counter lights illuminate with each “hit” and keeps track of hits taken from your opponent. Each hit causes the copter to spin. After a third “strike,” the defeated copter slowly spirals to a landing and inactivates the remote control. Game over. The downed helicopter will recover and reset after a few minutes and be ready for the next dogfight.
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