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Abaton 4 Piece Italian Shaving Set

The pleasure of the Italian shave.

The 4 piece shaving set hands down the important secrets of the traditional Italian shaving. The set contains the excellent shaving products such as Abaton Eau de Cologne "Gessato," the Shaving Oil, the Shaving Soap and the Alum Bar made from traditional elements from the Mediterranean nature.

For a perfect Italian shave: dampen your face with water, then rub some drops of shaving oil onto your skin, and apply the foam from the best shaving soap. The final secret, after shaving - one gently pats down one's face with an alum bar which contains a special natural crystal for toning the skin. Up until the mid XIX Century, the ritual of shaving represented a symbolic and important moment in the culture of Italian men, the shaving set is the most prestigious and authentic shaving articles used by the affluent members of Italian society for over two centuries. Enjoy the pleasure of a perfect shave!

  • Soap: 3.25” L x 1.75” W x 1.25” H; 0.33 lbs.
  • Shaving Oil Bottle: 3.625” L x 1.25” D; 0.33 lbs;
  • Alum Bar: 2.5” L x 1.5” W x .75” H; 0.33
  • Cologne Bottle: 4.0” L x 1.5” D; 0.5 lbs.
Abaton 4 Piece Italian Shaving Set
Abaton 4 Piece Italian Shaving Set

Abaton 4 Piece Italian Shaving Set


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