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Buckyballs® Sidekicks

Buy 2 and get the Big Book of Bucky FREE Create original forms and structures with 125 Buckyballs!

Special Offer! Buy 2 Sets of any Buckyballs, and get the Big Book of Bucky Free! Just add 2 sets of Buckyballs (any size) to your cart, and then add the Big Book of Bucky to your cart. Savings will automatically be applied.

Create your own desktop masterworks with Buckyballs® Sidekicks!
Let your imagination run wild! Because now you have 125 Buckyballs® to work with. Twist them, turn them, combine them in many new ways for truly imaginative desktop artistic creations. The possibilities are endless.

Warning: Keep Away From All Children.
Do not put in nose or mouth. Swallowed magnets can stick to intestines causing serious injury or death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.

Shape, mold and snap them together in unpredictable ways.
We won't name names, but remember all those old puzzle games you grew up with? Now imagine them with all the fun and stimulation, and none of the frustration or tedious learning curves. That's Buckyballs® Sidekicks, the incredible magnetic desk game that's always changing, always amusing, always building on itself-- and there are no wrong answers, ever.

Includes 125 powerful rare earth magnets.
These powerful little magnets each have two poles--one side repels, the other attracts--for unlimited "shape shifting" and de-stressing to your heart's content! Have fun--make that unlimited fun--with Buckyballs® Sidekicks.

Discover exciting new creative possibilities and the most fun ever. Order your Buckyballs Sidekicks from Brookstone today!
Buckyballs  Sidekicks
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Buckyballs  Sidekicks
Buckyballs  Sidekicks
Buckyballs  Sidekicks

Buckyballs® Sidekicks


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