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5-Line Outdoor T-Post Dryer

Honey Can Do can help you keep your home clean and organized.

Attractive and eco-friendly, this powder-coated steel outdoor drying T-post is durable and rust-resistant.

Permanently installed, the 3-inch diameter post provides stability for heavy loads and strength against the elements. Attach up to 5 lines to the substantial 45-inch cross arm. Embed in cement to install post; string your clothesline; knot and tighten with the included eyehooks and it's ready for use. Designed for post-to-wall installation; attach two or more T-posts for a free standing system. Assembly Required.

Dimensions: 45.75" L x 3" W x 72" H; 19.25 lbs.
5 Line Outdoor T Post Dryer
5 Line Outdoor T Post Dryer

5-Line Outdoor T-Post Dryer


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